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Echorec & Primavera


Two faithful analog delay/reverb emulations, enhanced to create a go-to chain for adding color and texture to your tracks.

Color your sound

From metallic spring reverb textures to the warmth and grittiness of an iconic magnetic-disk delay, this bundle forms a perfect choice if you’re seeking creative texture and space enhancement. Add retro atmosphere to vocal tracks, turn a basic synth part into textured sequences, and add subtle space and movement into a drum part.

Based on iconic vintage hardware, this bundle provides the true sound and feel of analog units in your DAW. With new next-gen features to fit modern needs, this duo of retro analog classics echo and reverb will bring your mixes to life.

Pulsar Primavera and Echorec Bundle Plug-In
Primavera Spring Reverb Plugin

Primavera 99

Pulsar Primavera is a 6-in-1 reverberation plugin that includes devices heard on countless hits throughout the ages. From lo-fi to hi-fi, each tank precisely emulates the original units’ electronic and mechanical behavior. Furthermore, exclusive spring tension and excitation controls offer a wider sound palette than typical convolution models.

This plugin is a complete reverb chain with integrated saturation, filters, presence, and ducking controls. Get that signature “twang” tone within seconds and experiment with next-gen features packed in a user-friendly interface.

Pulsar Echorec 99

The most iconic magnetic-disk delay from the 70s. Pulsar Echorec is a the best software emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit of the same name produced by the Italian brand Binson in the 1960s.

Creative modulations, mechanical warble, crunchy distortion, unique textures on drums… Pulsar Echorec produces a very dense sound that sits somewhere between conventional delay, reverb, and saturation. That means you can use it to add depth to a sample, make rhythmic and tonal variation, make your own riser and fallers, make pitch modulation and many more…


Andrew Scheps

Grammy award-winning mixer & engineer | Producer

Adele | Metallica | Beyonce | Red Hot Chili Peppers

“When looking for a delay, the only thing that separates them is character, and Pulsar Echorec sounds like nothing else, which is a very good thing!

Calvin Bennett

Award-winning songwriter | Producer

Downtown Music

“It his is such an amazing plugin! I’m always on the hunt for a realistic sounding spring plugin and this is definitely a winner. The ‘excitation’ knob isn’t something I’ve seen before on a spring plugin but sounds so great, especially for dialing in guitar sounds.”

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FREE Full-feature 14-day trial

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Pulsar Echorec

Pulsar Primavera